“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

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“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

At this emotionally distressing time, we will endeavour to reduce your anxiety as well as that of your beloved pet. Euthanasia is an emotionally charged and friable issue. Euthanasia is not a decision that is made lightly. It is an option that can be exercised at a later date. With euthanasia comes grieving. Each of us handles this in our own personal way, such as being angry, guilty, accepting, etc. The time frame for grieving can vary from a few days to a few months and beyond. Pets also grieve for companions that they lose.

When we help you come to a decision we employ the "five freedoms" to aid in assessing your pet’s welfare and in making an ethical decision. The five freedoms include:-

  • freedom from hunger and thirst;
  • freedom from physical and thermal discomfort;
  • freedom from pain, injury, and disease;
  • freedom from fear and distress; and
  • freedom to express normal behavior.

We assess the severity and duration of your pet’s condition with these freedoms in mind and use them to help you identify your own criteria for treatment or euthanasia. Such criteria might include:-

  • financial,
  • moral,
  • religious,
  • cultural,
  • physical, and
  • mental / emotional factors.

We do not impose our values or emotions on you. We let you make informed choices based on all known options. We will support you in your informed choice for euthanasia or for further diagnostic, therapeutic, or palliative care. We will factually present options and consequences without promoting inappropriate feelings of regret, self-blame, or guilt.

We will discuss with you:-

  • The euthanasia process
  • The option for sedation,
  • The use of intravenous catheters

We will give you the option to be present during and after the euthanasia and respect your wishes accordingly. We do respect the bond that you have with your pet. We will give you time to be with your pet, as we do believe that euthanasia is not a process that we want to rush.

We will describe specifically what will happen, what your pet may experience, and what you may see or hear. We will respect your wishes to be with your pet for a final farewell.

We will do all that we can to help and support you through this emotionally challenging time.

Having made the decision to peacefully bring your pet’s life to conclusion and elevate from pain suffering, we offer you either a burial or cremation service. Your pet can be either buried in accordance with EPA regulations or privately cremated, subject to your wishes. We can arrange either for you. If you choose cremation the ashes will be returned to you in a scatter box, engraved wooden casket, ceramic or metallic urn subject to your choice.

In the event that you do need our services or need to discuss “the final farewell”, we do
sincerely recommend that you call us on (03) 9700 0857 or (03) 9700 1307 to schedule an appointment at the earliest. We do want to be there for you at the time of your need.