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Regular grooming is an important part of maintaining your pet's health. You can either learn to groom your pet yourself, or you can bring your pet to us for a makeover and a pampering. By having your pet groomed with us, you have the advantage of a quick vet check should the groomer require a confirmation of their assessment of your pet, at no extra cost to you – it is just part of the service that we provide. Groomers often find issues that pet owners may not notice. A groomer has their hands on every area of a pet's body, looking at the eyes, ears, teeth, paws etc.

Regular home brushing as well as professional pet grooming is often overlooked as an important and necessary aspect of regular pet care. Daily brushing keeps the skin and coat healthy and, tangle free, by stripping away the dead coat and removing dandy. Grooming your pet on a regular basis has a positive impact on it’s physiological and psychological wellbeing.
Regularly giving your pet a good bath with a good quality shampoo eliminates dirt and microorganisms from the skin and coat.

Pet grooming is a case-to-case basis, depending on the breed of dog, etc. You need to do a little research for the right grooming method for your specific breed and if your dog needs some special grooming needs; then, you need to strictly abide by them. Dogs have developed different types of hair coats. A dog's coat can be long and soft (like those of the Afghan Hounds, Shih-Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, etc), the coat can be thick and dense (as in the Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, etc), wire-haired (such as Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, West Highland Terrier, etc), curly-haired coat (Poodles), corded coats (such as thePuli, Kuvasz, etc).

To properly groom and care for pet’s coat it is important:-

  1. That you first learn how to recognize your pet’s coat type.
  2. That you choose the best brush, comb or grooming instrument for your pet.
  3. That you learn the proper direction to work the coat, so as to obtain the best result, whether it is with or against the lay of the hair.
  4. You have an understanding of the skin's functions and the possible problems that may arise so that you will be better prepared to deal with it.
    1. keep in mind that a pet's hair grows out of its skin

The physical state of a dog has a bearing on the way it feels. We regularly see dogs with dirty, rough or greasy hair. Some of them come in limping because their nails are too long. Some have teary eyes and dirty ears. Incredibly enough after a nice grooming these dogs look “a million dollars”, they have more life in them.

Dogs with very long nails causes them pain, and affects the way it walks. Trimming your dog’s nails will prevent the nails from fracturing and onset of arthritis. Dog’s with overgrown hair over their face blocking his eyes, can affect them to the point where they become fearful and untrusting of people and other animals, and on some occasions even aggressive, because cannot see well and feels threatened impulsively going on the defense.

Regularly cleaning your pet’s ears is part of the grooming process. You will be able to pick up ear infection at an early stage and have it treated immediately. Ear infection is a very painful condition.

Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth allows you to identify dental plaque and tartar build up. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums prevents heart, kidney and liver diseases.

Some pointers regarding grooming:-

  1. Grooming is best done once a day, for long haired breeds
    1. for short haired breeds this can be done a few times a week.
  2. Make grooming a happy time for your dog.
  3. Be positive. Speak gently and happily to your dog while you are grooming it
  4. Make it a habit to pick up its paws, look gently between the pads for any injury you might have missed, look at the nails.
    1. some dogs will need their nails clipped from time to time.
    2. they need to get to know that when you touch their nails nothing bad happens, and that they are safe with you.
  5. When you groom your dog you should also brush their teeth.
  6. Check your dog's ears when you groom it. Look for brown waxy bits in its ears.
    1. If you find any we advise you schedule an appoint with us to have your pet vet checked

By checking your dog’s ears, teeth and nails you will not only notice if there are any signs of illness, but you will show your authority over your dog. You will develop a strong bond with it, and you will save yourself money by picking any problems early.

Most importantly grooming should never be considered a task but something that both you and your pet enjoy

Keeping your pet well groomed is just one very good way of saying that you do care about your pet.

Grooming Techniques You Can Practice At Home

  1. Elevate the dog on items like a table. Putting him up high will take the dog’s power away.
  2. Try massaging the dog, while brushing.
  3. In case the dog opposes during the brushing or grooming session leave him for the day and get it finished another day.
  4. Don’t force the dog to remain in an uncomfortable position for along time.
  5. Be very gentle while brushing with your hands, check the water temperature whether it is comfortable for the dog.
  6. As dog are afraid of cold water, use warm water for giving a bath to the dog and keep the towel and blow drier ready.
  7. Try establishing a regular grooming schedule for your dog.
  8. Give your dog a crispy and yummy treat when you finish, rewarding the dog for good behavior

Grooming a dog is very important as it not only makes your dog look good and clean but also maintains hygienic conditions at home.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do.

Our groomer not only is trained in grooming, but also has a certificate in Dog Training, allowing her to interpret your dogs body language, to ensure that your pet is handled well and makes your pet’s visits to the groomer a pleasurable one. Moreover you may just pick up a tip or two regarding behaviour “issues”. Our groomer talks to pets in a very calm and reassuring manner before during and after grooming. If on the off-chance your pet gets “nicked” during the process of grooming, which seldomly occurs, you will not only be made of it, but your pet will also be given an antibiotic injection at no extra cost to you, as part of the service.

We sincerely recommend that you please call us on 1300-838-738 (1300-VET-PET) in advance to schedule an appointment to groom your pet at the earliest, as we do get booked out quite quickly, off-course you may just be lucky at short notice also, depending on the type of groomings we have booked for the day.

Please call us to schedule a time.

We all like to be pampered every once in a while!