“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

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“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

If you answer “NO” or “NOT SURE” to any of the following statements, it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with us on 1300-838-738 (1300-VET-PET) at the earliest.





Not Sure

1.      Does your pet act in abnormal and unusual manner?


2.      Does your pet have a normal appetite and eats without difficulty?


3.      Does your pet have normal bowel functions and are the stools firm?


4.      Does your pet urinate normally and not strain when doing so?


5.      Does your pet drink a normal amount of water (approximately 70ml/kg/day)?


6.      Does your pet move without pain, stiffness or other difficulty?


7.      Does your pet have normal looking, feeling fur/hair and nails?


8.      Does your pet breathe normally and rarely coughs?


9.      Is your pet’s skin clean and there are no odours or increased amounts of scales?


10.  Is your pet’s eyes clean, bright and without discharge?


11.  Does your pet have teeth that are white, clean and not stained?


12.  Are your pet’s gums pink, with no bad smell from the mouth?


13.  Does your pet sneeze, with no abnormal nasal discharge?


14. Have you found lumps, bumps or other swellings on your pet’s body?


15.  Does your pet shake its head or scratch at it’s ear?


16.  Is there any odour or discharge from your pet’s ears?


17.  How frequently does your pet go outdoors?


18.  Do you travel with your pet?


19.  Does your pet ever stay at a boarding kennel, cattery, or is it cared for by a pet sitter?


20.  Does your pet come into contact with other people’s pets?


21.  Is there wildlife in your area, including possum, rats, mice?


22.  Have you ever seen fleas or ticks on your pet?


23.  Is your pet on heartworm prevention?


24.  Do you ever forget to give your pet its monthly heartworm dose?


25.  Is your pet currently on any medication?


26.  Has it been more than six months since your pet’s last veterinary visit?


27.  Has your pet ever experienced behavioral problems?


28.  Has your pet ever suffered a serious illness or disease?


29.  Has your pet ever suffered an injury requiring emergency care?


30.  Have you considered what you would do if your pet suffered an illness or injury requiring ongoing or costly veterinary care?


31.  Have you ever wished diagnostic tests, medications, emergency care, surgical procedures or wellness exams for your pet could be covered by pet health insurance?


32.  Has your pet had its teeth cleaned in the last 6 months?


33.  Has your pet had a diagnostic bloodwork in the last 6 months?


34.  Is your pet of ideal weight?


35.  When did you last give your pet intestinal parasite control?


36.  Was your pet vaccinated in the last 12 months?


37.  Does your cat go outdoors?





If you are unsure of your pet’s health status, we do recommended that your pet is seen by us at the earliest, to prevent any problem progressing and causing other complications. Early recognition and treatment means that your pet will recover sooner, and will therefore be far more comfortable. It is not only significantly more difficult to treat a pet in an advanced stage of the disease, as well as far more expensive, but one also has to take into account the significant pain and stress your pet is under by not being treated at the earliest.

We sincerely recommend that you please call us on (03) 9700 0857 or (03) 9700 1307 to schedule an appointment at the earliest. We do not believe in berating our clients for presenting the pets late, as we believe that this is counter productive. It is not our intention to cause you any embarrassment, offence or anxiety. Our approach is now that you have presented your pet to us, how do we go forward from here, not only keeping your pet’s welfare at heart, but also working with your wishes and limiting factors. We do approach all cases presented to us with a level of sensitivity. As pet health care professionals we will present our assessment and treatment in a professional manner and factually as possible.

You may not be aware that in older pets multiple problems often arise as aging affects all body systems. As pets age they become increasingly vulnerable to diseases. The three leading causes of non accidental death in pets are cancer, kidney disease and heart disease. Older animals seldom suffer from a single disease. One problem may markedly influence the course of another. Ageing is characterised by progressive and irreversible change. Pets are likely to start having diseases associated with ageing between 7 and 13 years. Smaller dogs tend to live longer than large dogs. The quality and length of life of older pets can be improved through regular health checks (every 6 months). A thorough clinical examination will help define some of these problems.

Because we do care for the welfare and interest of your pet, we do go out of way to ensure that your pet can access medical or surgical attention in time of its need. It would also interest you to know that:-

  1. We do pride ourselves in the quality of our services.
  2. We do provide a 24 hour on call service.
  3. We also offer payment plans through a third party, provided you meet the criteria as set out by the financing institute.
  4. If you cannot bring your pet to us, we will come to you as we do have a fully equipped pet ambulance.
  5. We also do house calls.
  6. Your pet will receive a very high level of care given the level of diagnostic and monitoring equipment that we have on hand.
  7. We do welcome you to take a personal tour of our facility.
  8. We also provide pet grooming services
  9. We also provide puppy classes. Puppies are trained not only indoors, but also outdoors, bring exposed to outdoor noises and traffic in a controlled environment.
  10. We do care for our wildlife, and work very closely with wildlife carers providing veterinary care where needed.

If you have not used our services before, we do suggest that you try our services and see the differences for yourself. From our analysis we find that over 30% of all new patients are referred to us by existing clients, and a further 25% of all new patients are brought in by existing clients. Our clients travel from as far as Camberwell, Clayton, Fitzroy, Ringwood, Chelsea, St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Pakenham, to name but a few. From the level of service we provide, you would come to understand that we are not your average Veterinary Services provider. We do recommend that you bookmark our web address www.petcarevet.com.au

Our staff are very friendly and courteous. We are very easily accessible. We are located at 234 Power Road, Endeavour Hills, at the intersection of Power Road and Heatherton Road, Endeavour Hills, just off the Monash Freeway. Please note that parking is at the rear.