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Dr. Govender and the PetCareVet team members will take the time to explain in detail pertinent information regarding the progress and care of your pet. We do provide an itemized fee estimate (in detail) for the procedure that your pet is scheduled to undergo. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the charges or policies before treatment is initiated. You have a right to understand our charges, and we want you to feel comfortable that you have been treated fairly. In addition written home care instructions will be emailed to you, as well as pertinent information sheets about your pets care and treatment.

Our Fees are based on a number of Factors:-

  1. the time involved
  2. the level of skill required
  3. the number and type of services
  4. the calibre of people who work with me
  5. our facilities and equipment
  6. the continuing education of all staff members
  7. the quality of drugs used

Understanding the pain of vet bills

Veterinary services and products can be very costly, especially when associated with emergency care or a serious illness or injury.

There are basically two reasons.

  • Overhead is up every year, especially payroll and medical supplies. It is difficult to control these costs if one is to provide a good service. Drug companies and medical suppliers are able to set their own prices and they keep going up every year - a lot. Unlike Human Medical Services, pets do not have the luxury of Medicare benefits, nor do they have medication that is subsidized by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme.
  • Investment in technological advances. We do far more for our patients now compared to a few years ago. In order to provide the best medical and surgical services, we need to investment in equipment, diagnostic tests and supplies, none of which are cheap.

It can be dangerous to shop around for the cheapest vet fees, because sometimes the only way to provide something for cheap is by cutting corners - that is, not keeping up with technological and medical advances. Unfortunately though the only guideline for comparison that you have is price. When we give you a price you can rest assured that we can explain to you how we arrived at the price that we gave you, be it for a consult, vaccination, desexing, or even your high end surgeries such as cruciate repairs, exploratory surgery and the likes. We do not pluck figures from thin air. We are proud to provide a high quality service at a very fair price in keeping with our Mission Statement.

Briefly, what can you do to help manage the cost of caring for your pet?

  • Before you get a pet, think about (and research) the cost of caring for it.
  • Put aside some money on a regular basis for unexpected illness and injuries.
  • Look into pet insurance. (Only about 1 percent of pet owners are using it!)
  • If you are financially strapped, look for alternative financing programs.
  • If you don't understand what your vet wants to do, make sure it is properly explained so that you can make an informed decision.


We do not receive any government subsidies or fundings. We receive no donations from the public either. Our clinic is funded entirely by the income we generate. Unlike human health care we are not government funded. Our fees are set in line with our mission statement.

We do not bill or send out invoices. Payment is requested as services are rendered. Payment is to be made in full at the time of service or discharge from the hospital. For your convenience payment can be made using any of the following methods major credit cards (except American Express or Diners), electronic fund transfers as well as cash.

Payment Plan

We also offer payment plans through a third party, if you cannot afford upfront payment for medical or surgical services that you may wish for your pet to undergo. You have a choice of two credit providers. Please note that there are conditions that apply for the payment plans that you may choose.

Payment plans must be approved prior to treatment. Payment plans incur additional costs. An upfront payment of 20% is required prior to any payment plan being processed.