“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

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The quality of our website is a reflection of the level of service you can expect from us!






To help make your pet's care affordable we offer:-

  • consultations at the lowest cost that we can sustain
  • extended consultations at no extra cost to you, where we discuss various ways in which you can reduce veterinary costs by very basic preventative care
  • if you have not understood what we have discussed in the consult we are happy to discuss your concerns with you at no extra cost to you
  • vaccinations at the lowest cost that we can sustain
  • discounted desexing surgeries at the lowest cost that we can sustain
  • major surgeries at a fraction of the price that you can expect to pay at specialist centres
  • original medications from the original manufacturer over and above generic products - so you can be assured that your pet is getting the correct dose with the view to recovering sooner.
  • everyday significantly discounted ORIGINAL Premium Flea and Heartworm control products, such as Revolution, Advocate, Frontline, Sentinel, from trusted companies such as Pfizer, Bayer, Merial, Novartis.
  • everyday significantly discounted Hills Pet foods across the product range. We have found that the pets that have been prescribed the Hills range of diets have fared very well for the conditions that they have been prescribed.
  • payment plans – we do offer payment plans through a third party to spread the costs of unexpected veterinary care. There are special conditions that have to be met prior to being approved such as, being in employment for a minimum 30 hours a week, aged care pension, veteran’s pension etc.
  • advice as to the true costs of pet ownership and pet selection (if you have not selected your pet)
  • advice as to how you can get the best out of your pet and have a long and meaningful relationship with your pet

Our aim is to work in partnership with you and your pet aiming for a win-win-win situation.