“Our Commitment To Your Pet Lies In The Quality Of Our Care”

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The quality of our website is a reflection of the level of service you can expect from us!






To be the premiere pet care facility in the community as judged by staff, clients, and peers while exercising prudent financial responsibility on a fair price basis”.

We started our business to make a difference to pets and pet owners alike, to delight our customers, and to express our vision. Ambulance

A reflection of our mission statement and how we do manage pets entrusted to our care is a realistic indication that we are not your average veterinary care provider. On the surface, many veterinary practices appear the same – take a closer look and you will see the differences! We are passionate about the manner in which we care for pets, and this is reflected in the manner in which we communicate with you regarding your pet’s welfare, as well as the type of equipment that we have sourced. Most of our equipment has come out of human hospitals. Many a late night as you drive by, you may notice our lights are on, this is because we are most probably carrying out a surgical procedure that could not wait till the following day. We also provide an ambulance service for those pets that cannot come to us.

It is our obligation to care for our patients to the best of our medical knowledge. In our pursuit of delivering an excellent service, we are guided by two principles.

  • Firstly will the manner in which we treat our patients stand up to scrutiny in a court of law.
  • Secondly will it stand up to scrutiny at the Veterinary Surgeons Board.

We are confident that on both counts the manner in which we care for our patients will be upheld.
We are committed to the following objectives:

  • Our priority is to provide high quality medicine and surgery
  • To make available all approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • To help you, as a pet owner, understand your pet's special needs and problems, and the reasons behind the recommendations and treatments that we prescribe.
  • To provide the most effective treatment for your pets at the lowest prices that we can sustain.
  • To offer a referral to specialists as deemed appropriate for your pet in a timely manner. We utilize a wide variety of board certified specialists.
  • To provide House Call for pets when pet owners cannot bring their pets to us, to which extent we have a fully equipped Ambulance.
  • To use original manufacturer products over and above generic products wherever possible as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a superior service.
  • We believe in:- "Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” To this extent we show you what we can ourselves see or feel, and involve you in the treatment plan, effectually facilitating a quicker return to normalcy of your pet.
  • To provide you with a treatment plan so that you have an idea as to how we intend bringing your pet back to normalcy in the shortest time possible (in the unfortunate event of a misfortune).
  • To care for our less fortunate Wildlife when presented to us.
  • To provide ongoing support to those pets owned by clients with disabilities, such as Service Dog Training clientele.

We sincerely believe that we have the nicest clients. This is reflected by the client’s confidence in us, in that nearly 43% of all new clients are referred to us.